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I’m Shelagh.



PRODUCTIVE is an all-in-one business tool that walks you step-by step through a revolutionary system of managing your time to accelerate business growth.


What if you could earn 2-3x what you do now in your business working fewer hours?

Just imagine what it would feel like to have the focus, systems, and support in place to:

  • Deliver on your deadlines instead of finding ANYTHING else to do when you see those red circles creeping up on your calendar.
  • Be free from debt and make the kind of money you’ve always known was possible in a few short months (sans guilt-trip).
  • Have the freedom to take off to the cottage for a week or break for midday margaritas while your business runs itself.
  • Choose who you work with, because your services and products are flying off the shelves like adult colouring books.
  • Respect the boundaries that keep you sane, so there’s no resentment toward clients or resistance around your work.
  • Honor commitments to yourself and your family (even if it’s as simple as weekly Zumba class or Tuesday night tacos).
  • But most of all, do what you love and leave a legacy that you’re proud of while actually enjoying the process.

Truthbomb: This isn’t a life reserved for TED-talkers and industry influencers. You can have it, too.

But you need more than the right skills, tools, and mindset to win at the entrepreneurial game...

You need a concrete plan to scale-up a sustainable, profitable business that works for YOU — not the other way around...

And more importantly, real-world business training and accountability from someone who’s been there, overcome that.

I’m Shelagh, a Business Consultant who turns your flame of ambition into a fire that sparks growth, lights up your life, and spreads your impact without the threat of burnout.

Through my fluff-free business strategy and hands-on support, I join forces with brazen business ladies who are ready to lose the excuses, so they can find the breakthroughs, cash flow, and joy in their business.

Check out how we can multiply your business income 2-3x starting today and create a life of more fun, freedom and flexibility.

Hire me to train your team, punch up their performance, and create win-win situations for your organization.

Or invite my down-to-earth business sense to raise aspirations on your stage.

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About Shelagh

Shelagh Cummins is a Business Consultant, Trainer and Keynote Speaker who helps women entrepreneurs scale a profitable business — without drowning in debt, forfeiting family time, or working in their sleep. Through fluff-free business strategy and hands-on support, she helps you lose the excuses, so you can find the breakthroughs, cash flow, and joy in your business.

Who I am, and why I want to help you succeed.

It was a Wednesday in October at 8:45 am and the school bell had just rung. I stood in front of my class, and realized that after 15 years, my passion for teaching had dimmed.

I was at the top of my pay scale, but knew I would never be able to afford the opportunities for my children that I wanted, or have the widespread impact I desired. So I traded in my job security for a parenting blog, a tutoring business, and odd corporate training gigs that kept my family financially afloat.

These early business-building experiences created a wellspring of wisdom for other women entrepreneurs who want to learn how to scale a business, build a team, and make more money while creating more freedom and flexibility in their life. But it wasn’t until I was the MC at a women’s business conference that I discovered my true calling and began facilitating women’s online business training.

My unique background in experiential education combined with corporate leadership training inspires my practical, hands-on approach to getting real results for my clients. My ultimate mission is to show other women that it’s possible to build a profitable, sustainable business — without drowning in debt, forfeiting family time, or working in their sleep.

Today, I am an in-demand business consultant, coach and speaker. I work closely with women entrepreneurs and entrepreneur organizations who want to Shake their MoneymakerTM, make strategic power moves that help them scale faster, and share their smarts and skills with premium clients who value what they’re worth.

Shelagh has a Masters in Education (University of Toronto), Effectiveness Coaching Certificate and Strategic Intervention Coaching Certificate. She is also the creator of Productive, an all-in-one business tool designed to take your days from busy to productive. To learn more, visit

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3 Ways to Work with Shelagh

Reclaim your time to work ON your business, not just in it!

Discover the 25 types of productivity tools I use in my business.

Download the free guide to turn your busy days into productive ones.


"Sometimes, I need the pieces to fit, or clarity on where my time is best spent to move my business forward and grow. And that’s when I turn to Shelagh. She is 100% no excuses, and is focused on helping you grow your business. If you are serious about taking your business to the next level and want real honest strategy that will work, you simply need to work with Shelagh Cummins."

- Leigh Clements


From the Blog

3 Ways To Stop Being a Victim As You Grow Your Business

If you find yourself playing small in your business or maybe even wearing the victim hat, where you’re allowing others to tell you how to run your business, and you’re not really stepping in and owning the process, then watch this video. I made it for you.

You will have days when you are not functioning in your place of power. You are not feeling on your A game.

It’s normal for all of us to not have amazing super powerful days every single day.

In fact, we sometimes have to feel the low so that we can really experience the high.

Your success lies in how you react to it.

And it involves being resourceful.

Leave a comment; which strategy will you use today? What will serve you the best?

And you are always welcome to join The Road To Seven – my inner circle. See you there.


How To Achieve What You Want In Your Business

Are you playing the blame game when it comes to not getting the results in your business?

If you are taking a risk, or if you have failed and you want to overcome that failure, or you want to avoid failure in your business, you need to watch this video.

The word of the day is RESOURCEFUL.

How are you being resourceful in your business?

Want to join my inner circle? Click here to join this powerful and supportive group of women entrepreneurs who lift each other to help reach our goals.

Simplify Your Content Marketing

Simplify Your Content Marketing to Overcome Overwhelm and Chaos of Content Creation

If thinking about making consistent content to put out there for visibility and credibility makes you feel like this…
Simplify Your Content Marketing to Overcome Overwhelm and Chaos of Content Creation









or this…

Simplify Your Content Marketing to Overcome Overwhelm and Chaos of Content Creation







then you need to watch this video.

Let’s remove the chaos and overwhelm from creating consistent content so that your marketing is a powerful tool for building your business.

Step 1: Clarify the end goal of your marketing strategy

Your marketing strategy will have 1 of 3 goals.

  • generate more leads in your business.
  • convert those leads into buyers
  • sell to your current clients

The content you put out needs to have a consistent end goal that you’re measuring to see whether it’s being effective or not.

Step 2 : Have a process.

There is a repeatable process that happens in order to get content out.

No matter what video it is or no matter when the video goes out, that same process is going to happen each and every time. And you’ll notice that I have removed myself as being the bottleneck to getting the content out. I am really good at creating content. I can lift my arm and content comes out. I lift two arms and I can develop of course I love creating content. I’m a born teacher. What I’m not good at is all the fiddly pieces that have to happen in order to get it out there so that you, my amazing women, can consume it. So create a process that is repeatable. And if you become the bottleneck, allow someone else to help you and support you because it’s more important that your content’s out there because that’s where your sales are going to increase.

Step 3: Create content that fits you.

For me to sit down and write a blog post – I would rather do anything else. I would rather clean my kitchen. You know that it’s not going to happen.

Some of you are more auditory, so create that content through a podcast or some other modality. If you are a writer, then leverage your writing skills. Whatever it is, work to your strengths in order to get your content out.

Wherever you shine, play in that arena so that you show up powerfully and you can do the work that you were meant to do in this world.

If you’d like to learn more, download the cheat sheet below. It’s designed to help you increase the visibility and credibility that you need by removing the chaos and overwhelm.

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