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Introducing the Daily 5 Sales™ System training

I’d love for you to start by asking yourself the following questions…

  • Are you tired of working endlessly and not seeing a financial return?
  • Are you stuck in the feast and famine cycle where you either have lots of customers or none?
  • Are you ready to increase your sales and start earning more revenue?
  • Are you tired of being passive in the sales process?
  • Are you looking for a repeatable and teachable sales system so you can bring on a sales team to support you?

cover-smallerThe Daily 5 Sales System™ is a daily, five-step approach to proactive sales. Using this proven system, you can bring value to your sales funnel on a daily basis without trying to figure it out for yourself. Selling is not about pushing your product onto people. Sales is about solving your clients’ problems. You are the bridge to help them get from where they are to where they want to go.

Here’s the best part: you can do this in under 20 minutes a day.

When you go through this training, you’ll be able to move more prospects into clients and ensure that your clients become repeat clients by having a systematic, repeatable and easy to follow sales system.

Download the hour long training, transcription, and Think Sheet (workbook) so you can create your own Daily 5 Sales System™ and start moving into the driver’s seat to proactively boost your sales and income.

Sales are the backbone of all business. If you are not selling, you have a hobby.


Sales training with Shelagh was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my business. She helped me to work through negative mindsets that were holding me back. I have more confidence now about the value of my products and communicating their value to clients and prospects. One of the most useful things I learned was the Daily 5, which – when used as part of a daily sales plan – keeps me on track and my business growing. Any business owner who is struggling with sales – whether it’s letting go of stereotypes or figuring out where to start – will benefit from Shelagh’s Daily 5 Sales System™.
— Karen Wilson, Social Media Strategist & Coach, http://wellmanwilson.com


clock-147257_640If you plan on running a sustainable business, there must be some time exchange between you and your customer.

This training was created because so many women entrepreneurs love their business but hate sales. They think it has to be slimy or pushy or… they instantly go to the idea of the “used car salesman.”

Sales is beautiful. When you have a product or service that solves your customers problem you are bringing value to someone else. If you don’t make an offer, or clearly help your customer find, and take advantage of your solution – someone else will.

Sales is built on relationships – personal relationships.


The best sales people listen to their people and help them get what they want. The Daily 5 Sales System™ helps you do that regularly – bring MORE value to your people, help MORE people get what they want, and in return, you increase your income.

When you are in the heat of the daily operations of your business, we tend to retreat to what we know best – our product or service. When we hide in our comfort space and only focus on deliverables for our current clients we are only feeding and nurturing one level of our sales funnel – as a result we lose potential clients, and we don’t maintain the customers we already have.

That’s why the Daily 5 Sales System™ is so important and effective – it lets you feed and nurture all levels of your sales funnel every day so you have a consistent flow of new customers and repeat customers. This will help shift you from the vicious feast and famine cycle of entrepreneurship and help you create consistent income from a constantly growing customer base.


I’ve significantly increased the number of sales calls I make, and that’s all due to the confidence and knowledge I’ve gained from working with Shelagh. The training that I’ve had with her has helped me generate almost $6,000 for my business! I would highly recommend Shelagh Cummins, she’s absolutely fantastic to work with and she really knows her stuff. Since doing the training with her, it’s been much easier for me to talk to prospects and ask for the sale.
— Patricia Talavera, Co-Founder, www.SaveYourTimeBizSolutions.com


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cover-smallerDaily 5 Sales System™ Training (Downloadable)
Move into the driver’s seat by nurturing your sales funnel to increase your revenue, to help more people get what they want through your service or product.

Think Sheet (Workbook)
A turnkey system to start implementing immediately in your own business.

Sales Training
Knowledge is power. Learn strategies, tips and tricks to help you gain confidence in your own sales process.


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My sales in my first quarter of 2014 were just shy of my total sales for all of 2013. I credit a lot of that to learning about the type of client I was looking for and to building my own confidence in my business and putting that out there for all to see.

There was just something about working with Shelagh and her ability to get inside my head and into the heart of my business. She made me face my business fears and step out of my comfort zone… a lot! It was exactly what I needed though as there is a lot I don’t know about marketing or sales and many other things, and we got to work through all of that. As I continue to work on my business there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think “What would Shelagh recommend?”

Shelagh helps you see what you normally would miss and look at things from a different perspective, forcing you to take the steps that you might have always put off because of fear or lack of understanding. Shelagh has the patience and skills of a practiced educator and each and every time we talk I feel incredibly comfortable learning from her. My business has grown and so have I in how I look at it. When it comes right down to it, she’s great and the program she created is an asset to any small business!”
— Susan Watkins, CEO, http://www.watkin-sbs.ca/