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Sometimes you have to turn around before you can move ahead!

Let me guess, you started your business with the hope of making a positive financial impact on your family while pursuing your passion. You started strong, but somewhere along the way you began second-guessing yourself when the money wasn’t rolling in. 

Your intention was never to work around the clock, but lately you find yourself putting more and more hours in, (like it’s Saturday and instead of playing with your kids, you’re filling orders and catching up on emails). Meanwhile, your bank account doesn’t seem to be growing at the same rate your sleepless hours are racking up. 

You’re a little miserable with the process and wondering if something is wrong with your business or with you.

Sound familiar?

  • You are working endless hours and the business is running you into the ground 
  • You aren’t getting paid the professional boutique rates you know you deserve. In fact, it would be illegal to pay an employee the rock bottom rate you’re working for. 
  • You’re stressed out, tired, and feel like maybe you should just throw in the towel.
  • You feel guilty because you started this whole business to help your family, but you’re missing dance recitals, basketball games, and school plays—sometimes just to make back what you’re paying for childcare. 
  • You’re wondering if the stress of entrepreneurship is really worth it in the long run. 
  • You’ve been running this business as a hobby or side gig for a while, but now you’re ready to step it up and turn it into something more.

Things can be different. 

This entrepreneurship game can be won. 

You just need to know how!

It is absolutely possible to achieve the business and independence you desire without sacrificing time with family, or making costly mistakes along the way.

Hi, I’m Shelagh Cummins, a business coach that empowers and educates women entrepreneurs along their profit path to increased sales and revenue. Today I’m excited to share with you my signature program: Pivot to Profit—your ticket to a successful business that will boost your confidence, your knowledge, and make the money you’re worth without becoming a slave to your business. 

As a long time business coach, I have seen thousands women just like you struggle through the early years of entrepreneurship. I’ve also seen savvy ladies who have been working their own businesses for a while, yet find themselves trapped in a nightmare of their own creation where the hours get longer and the payments get smaller.

If the tale I’m telling sounds too close to home to be fiction it’s because your story was my own just 7 years ago. I had heard all the sales pitches before and quite frankly, I didn’t buy into the hype about growing a 6-figure business, or profiting beyond my wildest dreams. But, I’d had enough of the daily grind and I was sick of not being on my own agenda. 

On my birthday I took a leap of faith and began working with a business coach who changed my life. It started with a conversation that helped me see a lot of cold hard truths about where my life was at: I was volunteering my time and making no money, I was under too much pressure, and I wasn’t getting the results I desired. 

The truth is, you can create a business that works for you. You can change your intentions and get results that put you in control of your agenda and make you money. This won’t happen with some form of hocus pocus magic. Nope, you’ve got to roll up your sleeves and put in the work—the right work. 

The fact that it hasn’t worked for you yet is not your fault! You just need someone to show you the ropes. 

When I began my business I had 3 children all under the age of 5, so I know how it feels as a mom to struggle with the time you spend working and the time you have for your family. The last thing I wanted was to treat my precious family like leftovers, and I knew there had to be a way I could succeed as a busy mom. I didn’t like the hustle mentality that many of the online gurus were promoting, and I just couldn’t get behind the movement that said if you only believed hard enough all your wildest dreams would come true. So, I set out to find what would turn my business into a success, and I’m ready to share it with you! 

With the right tools, and some trial and error, I was able to discover a plan of success that actually works. Forget feeling like you have to make costly mistakes, or learning through the school of hard knocks. I already did that for you.

You and your time are valuable. You are worth so much more than you’re earning now. Let me show you a better way.

If you find yourself:

  • Stressing out about money because you don’t have enough to help pay the mortgage, buy groceries, and keep up with your kids’ activities (and have no idea how to get there). 

  • Fearing success. Sound crazy? If you’ve ever thought: “Oh crap, what if this actually works? What will that mean for my life, my family, my kids? Will I have time to actually make dinners, watch movies, and spend time with my loved ones?” Then you have fallen victim to this fear (which is more common than the fear of failure, so don’t beat yourself up if this describes you) Trust me, if you work this business the right way, your success will mean you will have way more time than if you do it the wrong way. 


  • Feeling stuck. You already know you want to succeed, but you’re stuck in that #HowVortex. What steps should you take? What should you charge? You become paralyzed with the hows. Sure, you know where you want to go, but how the heck do you get there? You look online for answers, but everyone seems to have an opinion, and none of them are making sense to you. You’re stuck in the water without a life raft, and the tide is rising pretty fast.

If you are sick of searching for answers...

If you’re over all the hocus pocus mumbo jumbo that seems to be all the rage these days… (I firmly believe you can’t just manifest a unicorn, but with the right mindset, tools, and hard work, you can create a life you love and a business that brings in 6-figures or more) 

If you don’t mind rolling up your sleeves and getting into the nitty gritty of your business, even if that means tearing it down to basics so we can build it back up the right way… 

Then Pivot to Profit is for you.

The reality is: 

  • You can earn a profit 
  • You can do more of the work you love 
  • You can impact the world. 
  • You can accelerate your business growth 

All while keeping what matters to you most in view. 

Pivot to Profit is a step-by-step blueprint for creating and running a business that will let you do more of what you love, increase the impact and legacy you leave in the world, and make good money while you’re at it. 

You absolutely can scale your business to six-figures without giving up what matters most to you.

Right now, let’s take a minute to dream. (It’s OK, I won’t tell anyone you went woo-woo for a short second) 

Imagine your business 3 years, 5 years or 10 years in the future. 

Are you happy? Successful? Fulfilled? 

Imagine being able to go out to dinner when you wanted, and splurging on more than just the pasta. 

Imagine not only being able to afford that family vacation to Europe (and not staying in budget motels) but also not having to worry about your business falling apart while you are away. 

Imagine waking up each and every day excited about the impact you are having on those around you. 

You can do this!

Pivot to Profit is for you:

If you’re tired of the side hustle 

If you’re tired of solving problems for everyone around you without getting paid 

If you’re tired of earning just enough to break even when you see others around you making serious cash. 

Pivot to Profit is not for you if:

You want to keep your current business ventures a hobby 

You want a get rich quick miracle (I don’t sugar coat the truth. It takes work to make money, but it is completely within your grasp to do it) 

You want to stay where you’re at because you’re content with your current level of income and see no reason to up level. 

It’s Time to Pivot to Profit

A Word From Shelagh

I have spent the last 7 years in my business perfecting the Pivot to Profit system, and I know it works. You can have consistent and scalable results for your business, and you can do it without sacrificing time with your family, or the lifestyle you love. Each and every day you will gain back valuable hours when you implement my process.

Pivot to Profit comes with 6 Core Modules, plus my workbooks, checklists, cheat sheets, and templates. It’s like having a business coach personally walk you through the entire process of running a business, without the expensive price tag that comes with one to one coaching. 

Module 1: 

Establish Yourself in the Marketplace 

Together we will ensure your business is rooted in your why. 

  • Why do you do what you do? 
  • What do you want to be known for? 
  • Where do you bring the most value? 

We will work through my step-by-step proven system to clarify you as the only solution your ideal clients need in a busy marketplace.

Module 2: 

Who Needs Your Product? 

We will dive deep into your target market this week 

  • Who are they 
  • What do they want 
  • How can you connect with them?

It’s not about connecting and running. We will talk about how to create meaningful relationships so they are customers for life. 

Module 3: 

Why should someone buy from you? 

Guess what? You don’t need to be better than your competition. You just need to be different. 

The best way to do that is by being authentically you. 

Module 4: 

How Will You Deliver? 

There are two things that are pretty much guaranteed to give you a headache: too much red wine and trying to price your products and services without a system. 

This week we are talking all about how to price and package your offerings so that it is a no-brainer for your clients. Shake your MoneyMaker and bring in those profits! 

Module 5: 

Your Marketing Strategy 

Your marketing is the heart of your successful and sustainable business. Great marketing allows your message to hit the right person, at the right time, in the right way, with the right offer 

We will figure out the marketing strategy that is right for you and your buyers, and develop systems to ensure it is consistent and converting like crazy. 

Module 6: 

Your Sales Funnel 

You’ve probably heard this word, but what does it mean? 

Sales funnels are the best way to ensure that money comes in and your doors stay open. 

You will learn how to create them for profit. 

So, what’s this going to cost? 

Pivot to Profit could easily be a $2000 or $3000 program. But here’s the thing: I wanted to create a course for women who aren’t already rolling in the money. I wanted to create something for me 10 years ago: 

  • Doing webinars with my baby on my lap 
  • Charging so little I could hardly pay for childcare 
  • Desperately trying to figure out the formula to success. 

I have kept my pricing low to help those that really need this course. I want to see your business succeed.

If you choose to join the Complete Course you will get: 

  • 6 Weekly trainings delivered straight to your inbox every Monday morning 
  • Live weekly Q&A calls (if you can’t make it live, you are welcome to email in your questions and listen to the replay) 
  • Private Facebook Accountability group (there is power in numbers!) 
  • A Workbook that is the granddaddy of workbooks. This is no 3 page PDF with fluffy design. Do the exercises in this book and your business with absolutely change. 
  • A 30 minute exit strategy private call where we can work together to create a plan for your specific business. 

You get all of this for only $997 or two payments of $547 (plus applicable taxes).

For my fearless DIY entrepreneurs who prefer to work through the course at their own pace, I am also offering a special Essentials Only version of the course for $497. 

In this scaled down model you will get access to the weekly trainings and the workbook at a significant savings.

Don’t just take my word for it, check out what other women who have been through the course have to say:

Janet Nielson

“When I started with Shelagh I was frustrated and unsure about my business. Now, I’m excited and confident. I transformed my business as a result of my work with her. Working with Shelagh has been a big game changer for me.” 

-Janet Nielsen, Freelance writer and communications consultant |

“Shelagh is a drug that you never want to stop taking.” 

-Sylvia Otvos, Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula,

Sylvia Otvos

Sperry Bilyea

“I would definitely recommend Shelagh’s program. She is straightforward, genuine, and sincerely wants her clients to succeed. Shelagh’s coaching style is not based on fear of loss. She motivates you to do the work with her honest insight. I am telling everyone about Shelagh’s program!” 


-Sperry Bilyea

“I came to work with Shelagh after having the opportunity to hear her speak and also after having the opportunity to speak with other women who have worked with her. I would absolutely recommend her program. She knows how to ask the right questions to make you think about your business in new ways, and she offers clarity.” 


-Amy Boughner, Political Communications Strategist, FiveTwoTwo Communications,

Amy Boughner

Nicole Christen

“Initially, I was concerned about signing up for Shelagh’s course. I’ve been burned before and spent money on a course only to discover that it was way below the scope of my needs. With Shelagh, I felt like I was working with the first person that didn’t put on any false fronts and truly cares about my success. She's highly knowledgeable and consistently over delivers. Thank you Shelagh! I am so excited to move forward on a one-to-one basis and get my consulting practice off the ground.” 


-Nicole Christen- Digital Media Strategist 

I also am including some bonuses that will help your business flourish this year: 

Bonus #1 Just for the first 10 women that sign up! 

A copy of my Power Moves Quarterly Productivity Planner

You will get the planner shipped right to your door at no extra charge. This all in one business tool will shift your workdays from being simply busy to being powerful! 


Bonus #2 Available only until July 6th

Strategic Growth Plan Training 

You will get access to the training that will help you create a blueprint for strategic growth. 

You will learn: 

  • A process to get clear on your goals and vision for your business. 
  • Tips for creating a strategy to achieve business success on your terms. 
  • How to leverage your business strengths and opportunities. 
  • Ways to manage weak spots and threats to your business growth. 
  • A fail-proof method to develop and implement your unique action plan. 

Also because I know that investing in yourself and your business can feel risky, I offer a 100% No Risk Guarantee. 

There is absolutely no risk to your investment. Try out my program for the first week. If you complete the work and feel like this is not the program for you, no worries. Just let me know and I will refund your payment, no questions asked. I truly believe my program can change lives. You’ll never know what you can learn unless you step out and try.

$997 or 2 payments of $547

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P.S. I know that taking that pivot towards profit is scary. I’ve been there before, but I can absolutely tell you that this is a choice you won’t regret. My 100% money back guarantee should tell you that I am committed to your success, and that failure is not an option. You deserve so much more out of your life and your business. If you are willing to put in the work, you can create a business that doesn’t just survive, it thrives. 

Do you have questions about the program? Please check out our FAQs below. 

Question not answered? Email me at and I will personally respond to you and make sure you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. There has never been a better time to grow your business. I would love to be that helping hand that gets you there. 



How much is Pivot To Profit? 

The full version of Pivot to Profit is $997, and the self study version is $497. 

Are Payment Plans Available? 

Yes, we offer a two-payment option of $547 for each payment made 30 days apart. 

How long will I have access to the course? 

You will have lifetime access to the course, plus any updates or additions that happen in the future. 

When are the Q&A calls? 

The Q&A calls will take place on Thursdays at 1pm EST. 

What if I can’t make in on the live call? 

All Q&A calls will be recorded and you will have access to the recording within 24 hours of the call. You can still send in your questions and I will be sure to answer them on the call, even if you can’t be there in person. 

What if Pivot To Profit isn’t the right course for me? 

I offer a 100% money back guarantee, so there is no need to worry about the course not being right for you. After the first week if you feel like you may not need this training you can email me for a refund. No questions asked. 

Will I get access to Shelagh? 

I will be available to answer your questions on the weekly group calls and in the Facebook group. Plus, you will get a 30 minute call with me at the end of the program to set your strategy into place. 

When does registration end? 

Our group program kicks off on July 11, 2016. Although registration will remain open until the day our program starts, you don’t want to miss out on the fast action bonuses that are only available until July 6th.