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How To Get More Clients with #PowerMoves

You put up a website to get your name out there. You spend every free moment learning new skills to grow your business. You even go to networking events whenever you get the chance.  

But you’re not rolling in clients (yet).  

You see other women growing their audience like gangbusters, but you’re barely scraping by despite putting in 60+ hours a week. You’re beginning to wonder if they have something you don’t…  

Or if you should just breakup with your business and throw yourself back into the safe arms of a J-O-B.  

I asked the same questions 5 years ago when I had $100,000 of debt to my name and one last shot to make my business work. ← True story.  

If we haven’t met yet, I’m Shelagh! A Business Coach for women entrepreneurs who are falling out of love with their over-demanding, money-mooching business because it’s not pulling its weight in the relationship. I know what it’s like to reach Friday and feel like you got ZERO accomplished, week after week. Or to look at your annual profit reports and be in the same ballpark, year after year.  

Fortunately, there’s a simple way to stop hustling in circles and bring all the clients to your business yard: #powermoves. My new video training series will show you how to hop off the crazytrain of overwhelm and get more done every day, stand out in a sea of “service providers” without competing on price, and go from feast or famine to 3-month wait lists.  

Learn 3 Simple Strategies to Reach Your “Next Level” in Business  

Get access to your first video on October 10th, your second on the 12th, and you last video on the 17th.  

Here's what I'll be teaching...

LESSON ONE: Productivity

The “Productive” Goal-Setting System for Getting More Done 

Make the most of the time you DO have with this simple framework I use for prioritizing my daily tasks, so you see a higher return on your efforts.

LESSON TWO: Visibility  

3 Daily Marketing Moves You Can Do In 30 Minutes or Less

Plus I’m going to give you an easy template to follow that you can download and use as an ongoing reference tool.  


The Daily 5 Sales System: Get More Clients the Non-Sleazy Way  

Learn an easy-to-follow and repeatable process for selling your services confidently without feeling desperate or pushy.

Learn simple #powermoves for getting more clients with this free video course!  

Get access to your first video on October 10th, your second on the 12th, and you last video on the 17th.